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On Friday, the day before the big wedding, we had some running around to do before we left. The first stop was Fiesta Feliz, the happy party store in English, where we had to pick up a bunch of things for the wedding. To be honest I wasn't really sure what we were renting but I paid the bill and we were on our way with a truck load of tableclothes. Next, we had to run back to the apartment to drop off the tableclothes so someone else could take them to Acoyapa. As luck would have it there was a parade going on and our street was closed. Why anyone would schedule a parade for a Friday morning at 8 AM is beyond me but afterall this is Managua...

After spending an hour to go 2 blocks we finally made it back to the apartment and unloaded. Next, we had to go to the store to pick up the chicken for the wedding. Wouldn't you know it, the chicken store was out of chicken when we got there so we had to drive to the chicken plant in Masaya. It turns out that security guards at chicken plants are a little fussy about cameras. The security gaurd saw me take a picture at the entrance and informed me no photos were allowed. I asked him if it was because they were hiding WMD's in there and he didn't think my joke was very funny. I'm pretty sure I don't have a future on the comedy circuit in Nicaragua.

The Rental Store

I Hate Clowns

The Happy Party Store

Che Guevara Book Bag

Park Your Horse Here

Healthcare Smorgasboard

Uh Oh, There's A Parade On My Street

The Chicken Plant

What Happens In The Chicken Plant,

Stays In The Chicken Plant

Finally, around 10 AM we got going (along with our 200 pounds of chicken) on the road to Acoyapa. Every time I go to Nicaragua I see something and I say to myself, "yep, never seen that before" and this trip was no different. As we were driving down the road I saw something moving on top of the bus in front of me. It turns out it was a dog that was tied to the roof of the bus.

One of the things you learn pretty fast when driving in Nicaragua is nobody pays any attention to road signs, lane markers, speed limits, etc. because the odds of getting caught doing something are slim and none. Well, guess who spun the wheel and landed on slim? That's right, me. I passed a truck going 2 MPH in a no passing zone and as soon as I went around him what do I see? 2 cops standing in the middle of the road. It was a repeat of the day before but this time the cop was a little less friendly than the day before. I had to pay him 200 Cordobas ($10) to pay my fine for me and keep my license.

In order to not get killed driving in Nicaragua it's important to recognize signs of possible trouble ahead. If you see a guy walking down the highway carrying a red flag it means you're going to run into a herd of cattle soon. They don't wave them, they just walk down the road carrying them. They don't make any effort to make you see them so it's a good idea to keep an eye out for them. When they move herds of cattle they move them right down the highway usually blocking the entire road. Hitting a cow at 60 MPH would definately spoil your day...

What's Special About A Bus?

This Is No Ordinary Bus

There's A Dog On The Roof!

But He Seemed Happy...

I Brake For Bovine

Please Don't Scratch The Car

A Street In Acoyapa

A Street In Acoyapa

Pretty Birds

Hotel Campo Seco Zoo

My Aunt Takes A Break

Juniett And My Aunt
We checked into the Hotel Campo Seco and then headed back to Acoyapa to deliver the chicken. The family was already hard at work cooking for the wedding. This was a massive production to cook for the 300 people that would be attending our wedding the next day. Add to that the fact that everything was cooked on a wood fire and it seemed impossible that everything could possibly be done by the next day.

The Cookie Lady

The Only Help Wanted Sign In Town

Acoyapa Has WU

My Aunt Makes A New Friend

Friends Of Bill

The Pollo

Preparing The Feast

Cooking Old School Style

Natural Tin Foil

Plenty Of Banana Leaves

Mmmmm, Pork

Don't Forget The Vegetables

Mucho Peppers

Odd Statues

My Aunt Pitches In

Folding, Folding, Folding...

Street In Acoyapa

Acoyapa Has A Gym

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