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Before the bullfight they were handing out these notices that basically outline the benefits of the bullfights on the local economy and explain that they are a cultural tradition. I can only surmise that this is done because of the protesters outside. I've already gotten one "hate mail" from someone about my videos so I can understand why they do it. Look folks, I didn't invent bullfighting, I'm not promoting bullfights, I simply went to one so don't kill the messenger. Gracias

I took a ton of videos at the bullfight. The clips are pretty self-explanatory but be warned...SOME OF THE VIDEOS ARE PRETTY GRAPHIC. If you can't handle watching a bull die, don't watch them. You have been warned...

Before the bullfight the band plays for the crowd outside the arena.

Short clip of the crowd rolling in.

The "Maestro" being saluted by an adoring crowd.

The "Maestro" being saluted by an adoring crowd.

The matadors enter the ring.

The bullfight begins.

2 1/2 minutes of the first bullfight.

1 1/2 minutes of the second bullfight. Near the end of this clip you see the bullfighter kind of shaking himself off. He got nailed by the bull but unfortunately I didn't get it on film.

2 1/2 minutes of clips and the gorey conclusion to bullfight #2.

4+ minutes of bullfight #3.

Flowers rain down on the matador.

Several minutes of video shot while driving to the airport. If you're thinking about driving in Colombia watch this...

The program from the bullfight...

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