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Saturday had a rather odd beginning for me. I got up at 7 AM (or so I thought) and headed out to get some breakfast. I had forgotten, however, that Nicaragua doesn't observe daylight savings time so I only set my watch back 1 hour instead of 2. In reality it was 6 AM which explains why absolutely nothing was open.

After finally finding some breakfast I called my amigo Johnny and asked if he was available for the day. He was so he came and picked me up and we headed off for a day trip to Granada. I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do there but I figured it would be a good way to kill the day.

I took some pictures along the way and several of them help to explain why I don't drive in Central America. The one right below shows the amount of warning you get when there is road construction ahead. That amount of warning would be NONE!

Pharoh's Casino

Lane Ends...NOW!

Galleria Mall

Masaya Volcano Lava Field

Masaya Volcano Lava Field

Masaya Volcano

Handmade Furniture

Masaya Lagoon

Granada's Next

Welcome To Masaya

Roadside Market

Why Driving Here Is A Bad Idea

The town of Granada sits in the shadow of the volcano Mombacho. As with all towns with a Spanish influence there are several massive cathedrals. Some have been restored but many are in rather bad shape. Granada is a great place to go if you just want to wander around all day since it's very safe.

Mombacho Volcano

Welcome To Granada


Traffic Jam

Colonial Building

Colonial Building

Colonial Building

Rueben Dario Monument

Parque Central De Granada

Carraige Rides

The Hammock Shop

NASCAR Buggies?

Nifty Arch

No Mucho Touristas


Cental Park

Portico In Central Park

The Bishops Casa

There was an antique car show going on in the center of town the day we were in Granada. Of all things I expected to see in Nicaragua I can honestly say that a Ferrari wasn't one of them. I can't even imagine what the insurance on that would be...

Antique Cars

Antique Cars

The Love Bug

Spanish Canon


Cute Chica

A Ferrari In Nicaragua?

Big Cross


Colonial Building

Main Drag In Granada

Street In Granada

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