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We made it to Acoyapa safe and sound and I got a tour of my girlfriends aunts house. It's a cozy place with mango trees in the backyard. It's hard to beat eating fresh picked mangos for breakfast. The rocking chairs in the photos are a feature of just about every house in Nicaragua. They are handmade and oh sooooo comfortable. I wish I could figure out how to get one on the plane to bring home.

Here's a video tour...

We're Here!!

The Living Room

The "Street"

The "Street"

Really Comfortable Chairs

The Bano

I took some of the family out to lunch at a local place. The restaurante "El Bejuco" makes a wicked carne asada. If you ever find yourself in Acoyapa I highly recommend it. I didn't know it at that time but the "road" the restaurant is also the road to Junieth's grandmothers finca. It's only about a 10 mile drive but there is no way you could make it without a 4WD vehicle.

I like the alligator nailed to the wall in the video...

Mmmmm, Carne Asada

The "Road" To The Restaurant

Junieth Posing

Great Place To Eat In Acayapo

Beautiful View

The Road To Grandma's

After lunch we drove around town a bit. There's not a whole lot to see since it's a very small town but we did stop to check out the local catholic church. This is the church my girlfriend went to when she was growing up. It's quite old and very beautiful inside.



Church In Acayapo

Church In Acayapo

Church In Acayapo

Church In Acayapo

Inside The Church

Inside The Church

Inside The Church

My girlfriend decided she wanted to take a nap and she suggested that I go swimming with her brothers. I should mention at this point that my girlfriend had been expecting an engagement ring on this trip that I had yet to deliver. The subject came up at lunch and I acted like I didn't know what she was talking about. I could tell that she was annoyed by this and her brothers just looked angry. Now they were suggesting that I ride alone with her brothers out into the jungle to go swimming with the fishes.

In order to ensure that I would make it back alive I showed her brothers the ring on the way to the swimmin' hole. This changed the mood of the trip dramatically. We drove for about a half hour on a dirt and mud trail until we reached a locked gate. Junieth's brother went to get someone to open the place and when he returned the guy he brought with him was carrying a shotgun. This really didn't give me a warm, fuzzy feeling but he opened the gate and we were on our way.

It turns out the place we went to is actually a public park but it was closed the day we were there for some reason. The guy who let us in was the security guard. We had the whole place to ourselves. It really is quite beautiful. I wasn't too keen on swimming in a river in the middle of the jungle in Central America because god only knows what's in the water but I thought it would be rather rude to my hosts not to. At any rate, the pond was full of rocks and a lot of big fish that kept bumping into me but I made it out alive. It's definately an experience I'll never forget.

One other thing that they have in the park is 2 huge chicken coops. You can buy a chicken for about $1 and they'll cook it up for you right there. I guess people come there for picnics and buy a few chickens for lunch.

Some video of the adventure...


View From The Hotel

The Swimmin' Hole Entrance

Road To The Swimmin' Hole

The Diving Board

C'mon In

For The Ladies

What A Sexy Dude

Note The Terror In My Eyes

The Swimmin' Hole

The Swimmin' Hole

Getting Dark

The Chicken Coop

Hungry? Chickens For $1

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